Skype sign up

Skype is a software which is using for free video calling and messaging. Skype is released for all mobile, desktop and multimedia devices.

Signing up for Skype

You can sign up for Skype and you can communicate with all Skype users all over the World. Also Skype is a good way for instant messaging and file sharing. Skype’s these functions can be used free. In other words you can sign up Skype free !

How can I sign up for Skype?

To sign up Skype, you should follow several steps. Before signing up process, you must sure that your mail adress.

Firstly, you should click the sign up form link; You should see a page similars to this:


Tip: You can sign up for Skype by using Facebook or Microsoft (Hotmail, Outlook) account. You should click links at the top for this option.

This form should filled by using your right personel informations. You must make sure that your mail address’ correctness especially. Because, when you want make a process about your account or password, e-mail verification is required. Then at the bottom of the page, you should write a unique Skype name and your password. You mustn’t forget this informations. After all of form areas are filled, you can “I agree – Continue” button.

After clicking the button, you are redirected to Skype My Account page. (If your form data have any problem, these errors will show at top the page.)


If you are showing this page, you have a Skype account at the moment. Sign up for Skype process ends here. Congratulations!

You can download Skype to your PC or mobile phone or any supported device and you can quickly login with your new Skype account.

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